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What Is Filling Your Christmas Season?

What Is Filling Your Christmas Season?

by Kristin Fuhs, Set Me Free Ministries Board Member 

The Advent season has always been a favorite time of the year for me! I can’t wait for the weeks that lead up to Christmas each year. When I am decorating for fall and preparing for Thanksgiving, there is a little piece of me that is counting the days until the Christmas fun can begin. I absolutely love decorating the tree and house, baking all the goodies, listening to Christmas music, and planning Christmas gatherings with all the holiday touches. I look forward to Christmas shopping and really enjoy it! (I’ve especially enjoyed it this year—our first year living in Florida. It’s nice and warm!) I spend hours wrapping presents, and I adore all of the special times spent with friends and family! I get giddy thinking about Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. Yep … I am a true Christmas mush! 

I really do love all of the silly things above that come with Christmas, but what I treasure most about Christmas is the hope-filled anticipation that comes at Christmas because of the gift of Jesus—that tiny babe who was born so long ago. Joy fills me up every time I reflect and think about that tiny babe that was born … for me! Have you done that this season in the middle of all your busyness? Have you taken time to remember that our mighty God, the God who is mighty, has done great things for you? The birth of Jesus was a great thing, a gift directly from God for you. 

Amidst all of your decorating, baking, shopping, and whatever else defines the Christmas season for you, I pray that you will always remember that bigger and better definition for the season—JESUS. You see, nothing we do to get ready for Christmas can change someone’s heart, take away guilt and pain, or make things new like Jesus. Only JESUS does these things. That fact, that promise, is what drives me during the Christmas season and all year long to share Jesus with others. Yes … sharing the hope of Jesus is on top of my list, before all of the decorating, shopping, and “stuff” that fill our season. 

I invite you to join me in sharing the hope of Jesus this Christmas season and all of 2012 until we are once again just a few days away from celebrating the most wonderful gift ever given to you and me—Jesus! Merry Christmas from my Florida family to yours, wherever you may be. I am praying for you to give thanks for the “great things” our mighty God has done for you. Praying for you to remember that Jesus changes hearts, heals hurts, and provides hope in all circumstances—no matter what. And, finally, praying for you to consider who it is in your life, in your neighborhood, or in your walk of life who needs to hear about the real reason we celebrate Christmas—that tiny babe born so long ago for you and me!


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