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What Do You Crave? Part I

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by Kristin Fuhs, Set Me Free Ministries Communications Director


Are you a sugar or a salt lover? I am definitely a sucker for salt! Sometimes I just need a bag of chips, pretzel snack mix, sunflower seeds—or if I am really in a bad place—hot, salty fries really do the trick.


One of the first places I go when I get back to the Midwest is RUNZA® (a unique and yummy fast food chain in the Midwest). We don’t have these in Florida, where I live, and I always order a large “Frings” (a combination of French fries and Onion rings). Once I do that I am in a very happy place, until the next craving that is!


Food cravings are just one kind of craving. My first memory of a different kind of craving happened in college. I was in my dorm room feeling pretty unsure and overwhelmed. I was missing my family and friends and then I saw a little desk paperweight that said, “God never panics”.


A wave of relief and emotion came over me. Those words comforted me and reminded me that I needed time with my Savior. I needed His comfort, friendship, and strength that come from His love letter written to us, the Bible.


Over the seasons of my life, my craving for Jesus has never subsided. I run to Him in joyful times, so thankful and overwhelmed with His goodness. I fall into His arms in difficult times; times of loss, transition seasons and times that I am just hurt and need my wounds to heal. I crave time with Jesus when life is busy and everyone needs me. Ultimately, I crave Jesus everyday because I know that life with Jesus is what my soul needs!


So my question to you is do you crave Jesus? If so, I am so excited to be a groupie with you! Isn’t it great that Jesus is one craving we can always succumb to over and over again? If craving Jesus is not something that you are experiencing on a daily basis, then I hope this will be an encouragement to you and challenge you to surrender to an intimate walk and relationship with Jesus. Ask Him for a craving for Him.


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