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Dear Ones,

When God began Set Me Free Ministries, we had no idea what direction He was going to take us. We had our ideas and our plans, but as always, God had other ideas and plans. Since Set Me Free Ministries first embarked on a teaching and speaking ministry, we have seen God do some incredible and amazing things!

Through the years, God has granted us the opportunity to put on well over
fifty events, to minister to thousands of women, men, and youth, and to travel to more than five states. Lives have been changed in ways we couldn't have imagined. We have seen God set alcoholics and drug users free from their addictions. We have seen sexual abuse survivors able to forgive their abusers and live lives of victory and freedom. We have seen women who thought they didn't offer anything to the Kingdom of God step out in their calling and bring others to Christ. We have seen women in domestic abuse situations walk away from their abusers, knowing Jesus was with them always.


We are traveling all over the United States to provide events to all at no charge. We are completely supported by the generosity of others through donations and freewill offerings.


And now, God has moved us in yet another direction. We are still dedicated to seeing women and men freed from spiritual bondage; however, with the ever-increasing crime of human trafficking, the need to see people freed from physical bondage is bigger than ever. We are currently working with other ministries to see this horrific crime eradicated.


Did you know that there is not one single shelter in Nebraska for victims
of human trafficking?  


Set Me Free Ministries is working hard to change that! We would like to see a full-service, all-encompassing shelter for victims of human trafficking —
a "redemption house" that provides everything from immediate shelter and rescue to a complete aftercare program. We want to see Jesus do the miraculous!


What if one day our children and their children asked, "Mommy, what is human trafficking?" And we could say to them, "It was an evil form of slavery, but it doesn't exist anymore." Let's work together to make that happen!


Would you please help us fight this fight? We can't travel and share the True Gospel of Jesus Christ alone! We can't help build a redemption house alone! We need your help!


We are thinking BIG as we look toward the future of Set Me Free Ministries, because our God is bigger than we think He is! Your generosity has brought us such a great distance since 2009. It takes $2,000 per month to sustain
Set Me Free Ministries. Would you please consider being a monthly donor? Could you provide a portion of that $2,000 per month? Or even the entire amount? Will you help our organization continue to move forward and follow God's lead?


We are looking to the future with BIG dreams for those in spiritual and physical chains, and your help plays a major part in our ability to make
a difference in their lives.


Your gift is always tax-deductible, and no amount is too small or too big.
And as always, we covet your prayers. Please partner with us as we strive to change lives through Jesus Christ!


In Him,




Stephanie Olson

Executive Director



You can also now text to donate! Simply text the amount of your donation to


and follow the prompts.



We can't do this without YOU!
Your donation to Set Me Free Ministries is 100% tax deductible.


Credit card donations can also be made online at setmefreeministries.net/donate
or click on the button below. 




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