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Turn On The Light

Turn On The Light

by Zach Martin, Set Me Free Ministries Tech Team

My wife Joy asked me if I would like to write the blog this week, and I said sure. I had mentioned awhile back that maybe I could write the blog—I guess that time is now. I would like to write something profound and reach deep into the souls of all the readers, but I am not very profound, and I usually rely on my wit and charm to keep the interest of whoever I am conversing with. So after sitting here for fifteen minutes hunting and pecking my way through three sentences, I will just try not to bore you.

I started thinking about the darkness in our lives, in my life. The darkness that is depression, addiction, and even every little thing that we struggle with on a daily basis—those things that never seem to get better, no matter how hard you try or how much you change. 

Well what would you do if you were in a dark room or on a dark street or in the dark woods? Your first instinct would be to reach for the light switch or turn on your headlights on or look for the flashlight in your backpack. The key here is that when you are in the dark, all you need is a little light, and you’re not in the dark anymore. Sounds simple, right? Well, actually it is, when you use God as your light. 

What are the things that matter most in your life? Is it your family, friends, goals, or career? What are the things in your life that you would do anything to protect, accomplish, or improve? It’s often these very things that the darkness covers—sometimes in the deepest ways. But if you use God as the first thing your reach for, or your light, you can see things much clearer and eliminate that darkness. Think of it this way: You’re looking down a dark hallway, and you know that there are lots of doors, but you can’t see them. Turn on the light, the light of God, and you will see the doors and be able to pass through them without any trouble.

Think of God as the first thing in your life, the tool that sheds light on all the things you love. If you do this, I am sure that in time it will become second nature, as easy as entering a dark room and instantly reaching for the light switch.

“And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.” Geneses 1:4

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday.


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