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The 2 Day Countdown! As Little As $10 Makes A Difference!

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It's only 2 days away! Omaha Gives! is this Wednesday all day: midnight to midnight!

As little as $10 donated makes a difference. Every hour someone donates we are eligible to win cash prizes. Can you help?

All of the money donated will help benefit The Set Me Free Project and help fight human trafficking!

Remember,  there are 2 ways to donate!

  1. Join us this Wednesday, May 20th online!
  2. Schedule your donation today!

Omaha Gives! is a one day event and you don't even have to be from Omaha to give!

How can you help Set Me Free Ministries and The Set Me Free Project?

Set Me Free Ministries and The Set Me Free Project needs your help! Every amount counts; save one life at a time. The more you give, the more people you tell, the bigger impact you can make for the lives of children and the Kingdom of God! We're excited to see you on May 20th!  


Click Here To Donate! You Can Make A Difference!



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