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Temptation? No Thank You.


Temptation? No Thank You.

We are so excited to be joining women from all over for Count It All Joy on Saturday, April 13, in Omaha, Nebraska!

Well, the actual title is Count It All Joy: Temptation Need Not Apply. When we realized we were being called to put on an event on temptation, we had a concern that some people might think: Temptation? That doesn't apply to me. I don't have an addiction or a big problem or [insert your thought here].

Let me assure you, this will be no 12-step meeting or a conference on addictions. And although battling an addiction is a huge battle and shouldn't be ignored (and won't on Saturday), we often forget that we are all tempted on a daily basis. We face the temptation to eat more than we should. We face the temptation to sleep in rather than get up and spend time with the Lord. We face temptation to gossip. If we're honest with ourselves, we realize that we all face some sort of temptation on a daily basis. I know I do. Trust us when we say we are going to deal with the temptations we deal with in our everyday lives.

In fact, as the team has worked hard preparing for this amazing day, we have realized how personal this has become to us. We've noticed how this topic has touched us personally on so many different levels. We are excited to see what God does in each and every life on Saturday (including our own).

So, if you had the notion that you didn't need to come to Count It All Joy, we are convinced that you will be not be disappointed. And even if you "don't need a day like this," my guess is one of your friends or family members could truly use a day of refreshment and renewal. My guess is you could be a tool that God uses to change a life. And maybe, just maybe, while you are being a blessing, you will also be blessed.

We hope that you join us for a day full of fun, fellowship, comedy, worship, and teaching. We'll learn how the joy of the Lord defeats temptation every time. And more importantly, we will learn how to live life with a joy that's unspeakable!

Oh, and of course, as is the case with all of our events, it's FREE! Free admission, free lunch, and free childcare! Don't miss this amazing day!
Registration is required so register today at
http://setmefreeministries.net/our-events/count-it-all-joy/ or call us at
We can't wait to see you on Saturday, April 13!


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