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Date: 06/11/14


Set Me Free Ministries




Set Me Free Ministries releases two compelling new books.

Set Me Free Ministries, a nonprofit women’s ministry, has released a powerful book by speaker Stephanie Olson and a practical and valuable book by Cindy Hultine, Joy Martin, and Stephanie Olson.

Jesus Is Passing By: What Are You Waiting For? and Abiding in Him: A Guide to Drawing Closer to Christ are available now at Amazon and at setmefreeministries.net. Set Me Free Ministries, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, has offered Christ-centered events to the community of Omaha at no charge for more than six years. With a mission to put hope into action and a desire that no one should be turned away or have to pay to hear the Gospel, Set Me Free Ministries has traveled throughout Nebraska and beyond to share God’s message of redemption.

Jesus Is Passing By is an honest and straightforward account of Olson’s battle with alcoholism and how we can all achieve victory in Jesus Christ, no matter what our struggles are. 

Olson states, “If we’re honest with ourselves, we all have issues. But the answer to every issue we face is the same: Jesus.” Olson shares the story of her own addictions and lays out the truth about freedom, temptation, and who we are in Christ.  Jesus Is Passing By: What Are You Waiting For? is an authentic book about how to live a life victorious in Christ. 

Abiding in Him is a useful and practical tool on how to truly abide in Christ. Hultine, Martin, and Olson write a nuts-and-bolts book about the optimal way to develop an intimate relationship with Jesus. They share personal, practical, and biblical ways they have found to maintain a deeper walk with the Lord.

Readers interested in learning more about the books and Set Me Free Ministries can visit setmefreeministries.net or www.stephanieoslon.org. Those interested in further information can contact info@setmefreeministries.net or call 402-660-8280.