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Replacing Worry With Worship

young woman in panic

young woman in panic

By Kristin Fuhs, Set Me Free Ministries Director of Connections

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to worship instead of worry everyday? I was challenged a few months ago with that question. Imagine every time you were presented with something to worry about, you instead stop to worship and seek Jesus. The words of Mary in the book of Luke helped me with this challenge.

Luke 1:46-47 ESV reads: "And Mary said, ‘My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.’" I plastered that verse everywhere in my life so that when worry crept in I would turn to Jesus. We must choose to lean into the hope that we have in our God and look
to the Solver for answers and peace instead of focusing on the problem.

Once our focus is on Jesus, we then can spend time anticipating and rejoicing in the rescue that is coming! The phrase "God's got this" has become a constant for me. And with that phrase comes feelings of contentment, peace, and eventually joy. It's crazy how the world hopes for luck to solve our problems. If you depend on and believe in luck, gambling becomes your daily way of life. This leads to stress, disappointment and WORRY, all words which we must replace with worship. So, don't wait for luck to turn the tide or try to figure out worldly solutions. Instead, believe in God's sovereignty and trust in His power!

On a side note, I must tell you that even with great effort to replace worry with worship, worry has still crept into my life. Some days I feel as though Satan is tossing curves my way just to mess with me. At the end of a day in which sin, ignorance, or forgetfulness allows worry to become number one, I am reassured with the promise of God's mercy and goodness. I remember that a new day begins tomorrow and I can again! So don't give up when your humanness allows worry to creep in…God's got this!

In closing, take time today to read Luke 1:46-50. Read it often!

· God is merciful without end for those who fear Him from generation to generation.

· God is powerful without limit.

· In situations that we are not in control, He takes the powerless and lifts them up.

· In tough times we must choose between anxiety and faith..

· God has never left us or let us down.

Mary is a great example of trust and faith for us! I invite you to celebrate the fact that God's power and mercy is ours forever.

Reminders for your day:

1. Instead of worry we must worship!

2. Instead of worry rejoice in your rescue – God our Savior!

3. Instead of worry and believing in luck, believe in God’s sovereignty and power!

Look forward to hearing how it goes as you try worship instead of worry! Have a great and worry-free week!

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