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Put On The Armor Of God

Put On The Armor Of God

by Jenny Black, Set Me Free Ministries Marketing Director

How often do we recognize when something just isn't right? You know that feeling–you just can't seem to ditch the yuck. You maybe depressed, sad, irritated–you fill in the blank. 

I recently had about a two-week period where that described me perfectly. I was in a mood that I just couldn't shake, and I didn't know where it came from, because I was pretty satisfied with life in general. But something was off, not quite right. This feeling came on quickly and without warning. I went from walking on a mountain top to being in a pit of despair, and I hated it. 

I prayed continually and thought about any words or attitudes I might have had or things I could have exposed myself to that might have grieved my heavenly Father. After much prayer and Bible study and asking God to show me what He wanted to expose, reveal, or cleanse me from, I finally realized where this feeling of hopelessness had come from. 

Two weeks ago, I was talking to a friend about the confusion that other religions (in this particular case, Buddhism) produces and telling her I would love to have a chance to talk to her daughter who was thinking about becoming a Buddhist. I was exposing Satan's lies and replacing them with the truth. It was a very short conversation, but she was thankful that I was willing to speak to her daughter. It was only after this conversation that I started feeling all the things I described above. 

In my willingness to expose the enemy for what he is, I had forgotten that I needed to put on the Armor of God for protection. And because of this, it left an open door for the enemy of my soul to come in and play his mind games with me. I am not talking about being possessed, but I was influenced by him in my thought patterns. YUCK!!!

So why am I sharing this? Because we all need to be aware that Satan wants nothing more than to shut us up when it comes to exposing his lies. He will usually do this by getting us side tracked and coming in unexpectedly to an area that we least expect where is is able to wreak havoc. Sometimes, it's in a small way; sometimes, it's in a big way.

So how do we keep this from happening? By making sure that everyday, before our head even leaves the pillow in the morning, we put on the full Armor of God. If you don't know where to find this in your Bible, just look up Ephesian 6:10-20. It is all right there in detail.This way, we will recognize the enemy upon his arrival and tell him to flee, and he will. Better yet, there will be no open doors to enter, because we are covered 100% in our God-ordained Armor. Yay, God!!!

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