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Can Yoga Be Christian?


Stephanie Olson and Cindy Hultine tackle the subject of Yoga. Can Yoga be Christian?



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6 Responses so far.

  1. ta says:

     I am Christian and have done ALOT of research on this very thing. A number of your points are incorrrect and/or misunderstood. You lost me when you said the Beatles brought yoga to the west.


    • Thank you for listening! We have done a tremendous amount of research as well. I believe what we desire Christians to hear is the importance to follow Christ with our entire mind, body, and soul. God's Word is so clear on mixing religions and how we worship, and as Deborah states, Yoga is a very dangerous practice. You are right in the fact that I did misspeak about the Beatles bringing Yoga to the West. That's the problem with podcasts as opposed to writing. Sometimes we say something when we mean something else and we can't "delete" it. 🙂  It would be more accurate to say the Beatles popularized Yoga in the West. That they did. We only share this because we love the Body of Christ. Thanks for the comment. God bless you.


  2. Deborah Phinazee says:

    I am so thrilled to find this. It has been a conversation multiple times as some of my precious friends find nothing wrong with yoga and do try to Christianize this process. I am so against it and try to share with my friends the dangers that are birthed from practicing something that has its roots in Hinduism.  I am forwarding this and pray that they will listen as they are having an actual class of Yoga and claiming it's all based on Christian religion, that poses mean nothing, yadda, yadda.

  3. Jennifer Black says:

    Thanks Stephanie and Cindy for your in-depth look and research on this very touchy subject &; I too had given into all the hype about Yoga, even though I had heard it was not the Christian thing to do and how good it is for your mind – soul – body and spirit. Gee, if something gives you all those benefits why not try it right ? And with the possibility of a little weight loss goes with it than hhhhmmm why not? Right?   So I started doing yoga and at first I felt like " okay, nothing is hurting me, I don't see any little Demons flying around the room." So I kept at it and I noticed from the start that I did have a little check in my gut but politely ignored it as just being ridiculous, that is until I started having horrible dreams and started going into a hopeless state for no apparent reason.   So I began to pray and ask God to show me what was going on.  He did reveal it to me that my poses were actually discrediting him as my Savior and I was opening myself up to more that just a relaxation exercise.  Needless to say I quit immediately and so did my hopeless feelings and nightmares.  

    Just a thought

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