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My Fardiordy Complex

My Fardiordy Complex

by Joy Martin, Co-founder Set Me Free Ministries

In today’s blog I’m going to make a confession. I have a Fardiordy Complex. Don’t worry. It’s not contagious, although you may have dealt with one in the past and just didn’t have a name for it. It’s not life-threatening, but it can be debilitating. I have overcome it in the past only to have it flare back up in full-force out of the blue. In fact, I’m on the mend from a nasty bout right now, which is why I’ve decided to blog about it this week.

For those of you who have just googled “Fardiordy Complex” only receive the message “Your search – Fardiordy Complex – did not match any documents,” perhaps I better explain myself. Growing up, my dad would often share stories about his Grandma Ellis. One of his favorites was that she often criticized those around her for giving her a Fardiordy Complex, which was her way of saying that they were making her feel bad about herself. Of course, what she meant to say was “inferiority complex,” but fardiordy stuck, and we still use the term to this day. 

So, much like my Great-Grandma Ellis, lately I find myself feeling a little subpar. We each have our own issues that we deal with—you may not like the shape of your nose or the texture of your hair. You may wish you could sing or write poetry or better understand trigonometry. Personally, I struggle with feeling unimportant. And when those feelings start to bubble up within me, I find that Satan uses the opening to pick at me in an attempt to magnify what I’m fighting against.

While sharing my recent struggles with my sister, I likened it to Jimmy Stewart’s character in “It’s a Wonderful Life.” I’m George Bailey, convinced that without me the world would go on without missing a beat. In fact, I’m guessing we could all use our very own Clarence once in awhile to let us know that we are important and that we would, indeed, be missed.

I tell you all of this to assure you that whatever gifts you posses (or don’t posses), whatever you look like, whatever you do, you are God’s unique creation. He has made you just as you are meant to be, and you are important. He loves you just as you are. 

In Psalm 139, we are reminded of this as David marvels at the care God took in creating each and every one of us. Verses 13–14 say: “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

If you’ve never read Psalm 139, take a few minutes today to read it through and soak it in. It is a good reminder of how intimately God knows us and loves us. In fact, as I read it again just now I realized that I don’t need a Clarence in my life after all. I have someone so much better—I have God Himself to tell me that I am His child. He knows my deepest, darkest thoughts. He even knows the number of hairs on my head (Matthew 10:30). 

The same is true for you. Take comfort in knowing that you are God’s precious child.

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