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Mark Your Calendars! OmahaGives!

Let's Gives Together with Date

Omaha Gives! is less than two weeks away and Set Me Free Ministries is proud to be participating in Omaha Gives! to help benefit The Set Me Free Project and help fight human trafficking!
There are 2 ways to donate!


  1. Join us on Wednesday, May 20th (in the comfort of your home or office)!
  2. Schedule your donation today!

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Why Donate?

The Set Me Free Project, an organization bringing awareness and education to youth, parents, and businesses about the dangers of human trafficking, is now forming its own nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization and we certainly have not had a lack work. God is opening doors left and right. I stand in awe of what He is doing.

Let me just share what we are seeing in our community. Since we have "opened the doors" of The Project, we have spoken to many educators and parents. We have been in several schools (both middle school and high school) and have had the privilege to talk to many youth.

Just the other day, we were in a school discussing the value of a person. I get to look every single child in the eye and tell that child they are valuable, they have extreme worth, and they are precious. Do you know what one young girl told me? She said, "I'm not valuable. My mom tells me I'm not worth anything." I had one young boy tell me, "I get bullied every day. Sometimes I feel like I don't want to be here." I had one young girl tell me, "I get bullied. People don't like me and I don't know why."

Wow. How tragic. And do you know these are the very same kids that are vulnerable to traffickers? It's not just the kids oversees, or the kids in poverty stricken neighborhoods, or the kids that are troubled. No, it's our kids. It's the kids that are hurting, the kids that are crying out for attention, the kids that are in our own backyard.

We want to reach all of these kids, and their parents, before the traffickers do. We want to stand in front of all of our kids and tell them they are valuable and tell them how to stay safe. We want to teach their parents how to protect these precious, valuable jewels, our children.  

But we can't do this without funding and without your help.

And don't forget!
The Set Me Free Run!

Please join us on Saturday, July 25, 2015 for the 4th annual Set Me Free Run and help us fight human trafficking!

The Set Me Free Run is a scenic race at beautiful Standing Bear Lake in Omaha, Nebraska.

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