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Little Did I Know


by Cindy Hultine, Director of Hospitality, Set Me Free Ministries and Project Administrator, The Set Me Free Project

As you probably know by now, Set Me Free Ministries has been becoming more involved in the fight against human trafficking and we even have a new branch called The Set Me Free Project.

I’ll be honest. When Stephanie first brought up the idea that God might be moving us toward the fight to end human trafficking, I was less than thrilled. I knew a little about it and, frankly, what I knew was plenty. I was perfectly happy in my comfort zone, and I knew the issue didn’t pertain to me or my family.

Because God knows how we work, He was gentle with me, yet persistent, which means that this wasn’t going away. Not too long after Stephanie first mentioned human trafficking to me, I talked with a friend who had been doing a lot of research on the subject. She began telling me some things she was learning. At first, all I could think was, “I am so glad that is not me. I do not want to know about all of these things that are happening to these poor people.” But then she said there was a huge cover-up right here in Omaha. My ears perked up, and my heart sank. What?! She proceeded to name some names, and I took that information and processed it. I have never looked at the world the same way since that time.

I moved to Omaha from the Los Angeles area. Of course, everything bad happens in LA, but here in Omaha I feel safe. After all, my husband and I are raising our family here. I feel a sense of community here in Omaha that I never felt growing up. For me, this is small-town living with everything I need from a big city. It’s perfect, or so I thought.

As I began researching, I learned that human trafficking is my problem. It’s not only my problem, but it’s everyone’s problem. The horrific crime of human trafficking affects each and every one of us. Everything from labor trafficking to sex trafficking. This includes every item we purchase—phones, computers, clothing, televisions, produce, even the sugar we consume—and, of course, there’s the sex trafficking that includes prostitution and pornography.

For those of you who think women are selling their bodies for sex of their own free will, think again. For those of you who think pornography doesn’t hurt anyone, think again. Many of these women, girls, and boys have been stolen or lured into these businesses, their lives threatened. If these people look like they are having fun on the Internet, think again. They are forced to act that way for fear of being beaten or starved.

The good news is that with God, all things are possible. He has called us to fight this fight, but we cannot do it alone. We absolutely need your help. Together, we can put an end to this modern-day slavery that we call human trafficking.

So, what can you do? We are going to help you with this part. We will be sharing a series of blogs focused on human trafficking. We have a website and Facebook page called The Set Me Free Project where we will be sharing practical tips and advice to help you make a difference.

Please pray. As we know, our fight is not against flesh and blood but against principalities of darkness. Prayer will be the foundation to fighting this; this problem is too big for us but not for our Heavenly Father. We will also be putting together prayer teams. If you feel God is calling you to pray, please contact us, and we will set you up with the right team for you.

Let’s take a stand and say no to the enemy. No, he cannot have our children. No, he cannot have our communities. No he cannot have the world in which we live.

Please join us. Let’s take away the traffickers’ power by raising awareness.



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