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Let’s Go to the Movies


Beverly A Brown; Set Me Free Ministries Prayer Coordinator

"But now you know there was a man named Jack Dawson and that he saved me… in every way that a person can be saved. I don't even have a picture of him. He exists now… only in my memory."

If you recognize that quote, you have probably seen the movie, Titanic. I know I am in the minority when I tell you that I disliked that movie – for many reasons – but most of all for the quote above. My husband and I had taken our teenage son and some of his friends to see the movie that was getting rave reviews from everyone. I had my misgivings because of its PG-13 rating, but pushed them aside. I became more and more uncomfortable as the movie progressed and thought of getting up and dragging them all out of the theater with me. But they were sitting up towards the front and we were in the back and it would have created quite a ruckus for the other movie goers.

When we all piled in our van, however, I used it as a teaching tool. I asked all the kids what they thought of the movie and of course, they all said they thought it was great. Then I asked our son if he knew why I didn't have a such a favorable opinion. He knew and immediately referred to the "salvation" quote. We talked about the one name that is above every name, the name of Jesus. That no man can save us – not even Jack Dawson. And, yes, we also talked about the illicit sex that had been glamorized.

Movies are on my mind these days because there is so much being written about the recent Noah and Son of God movies. Some loved them and some hated them. Some thought they were entertaining and some thought they came from the pit of Hell. I have to confess that I haven't seen either one and probably won't because of the reviews I have read not only from the professional movie critics, but also from close friends who have seen them. If you choose to see either of these movies, I am certainly not going to criticize you. I know there are those who say you don't have a right to critique a movie you haven't seen and there is wisdom in that.

So why all this talk about movies? In Matthew 5:13-14 Jesus told His disciples that they were salt and light. Salt acts a preservative by preventing decomposition and light dispels darkness. A few weeks ago, one of our ministers reminded us that we, too, are salt and light. God sends His sanctified people into an evil and perverse generation to act as a preservative of His Truth and as an illuminating influence penetrating the darkness.

So, just as I did with my Titanic experience, the next time you get your spiritual feathers ruffled while watching a movie or a TV show, be salt and light. Start a conversation and use it as a teaching tool. But don't forget Colossians 4:6 which also exhorts us in this way, "Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person." (ESV)








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