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Jesus Is Enough

Jesus Is Enough

by Kristin Fuhs, Set Me Free Ministries Board Member

What is your "enough"? That question has been rattling around in my head over the past few days. You see, tropical storm Debby has been dumping rain, wind, and stormy conditions on us here in Tampa, Florida. At first, it was rather interesting and almost exciting to be experiencing my first tropical storm since moving to Florida last August.

I made sure we had food supplies, batteries, and all of the necessary items needed to bunker in and wait out the storm. Our eyes were glued to the weather reports, and we closely tracked Debby's path. The amount of rain is like nothing I have ever seen and so very different than thunderstorms in the Midwest. The heaviest times of rain made travel difficult and shut down most activity in the city. Warnings of flooding became prevalent, and our most beautiful bridge was closed due to high winds. The crashing of the powerful waves dominated the gulf shores. Up to this point, I was an observer, somewhat intrigued and excited to have a front-row seat for this amazing storm.

Sunday night, my front-row seat became less desirable. A sense of anxiety crept into my heart when along with the torrential rains and strong winds, tornado warnings were announced for our area. Considering we have no basement, and our options for safe covering are very limited, I quickly became very aware of the power of this massive storm and our vulnerability to it. I moved from being a storm-watching mom to a storm-praying mom. 

Until the tornado warnings hit, I felt safe and secure in the safety of our home. It sheltered us from the wind, rain, and even our pool flooding. But once the tornado warnings were announced, my feelings of security and safety vanished. I moved from feeling security due to worldly walls to needing to find security and safety in the arms of Jesus. I actually felt a bit of guilt that it took tornado warnings for me to find my knees and spend time praying.

So now I sit, waiting for the rain to cease so we can get back to our beautiful, sun-filled Florida days. The severe storms have passed, and clean up will soon begin. Sadly, I have struggled with feelings of frustration creeping in since the rain is delaying plans I had for the beach and fun in the sun with my kids. Let's face it–the rain is getting in the way! I know, pretty shallow considering that I was just taken to my knees in prayer on Sunday night in fear of the storm. I am a work in progress for sure!

Anyway, it was last night that I was struggling with feelings of discontent, and I soon realized it was because "my plans" were being delayed by the rain. That discontent took me back to the question: What is your enough? I truly desire the answer to that question to always be JESUS! Jesus is my enough, and that is my heart's desire and hope for each of you too! So how do we create lives filled with days where JESUS IS ENOUGH? Below are a few thoughts and tips that I hope will help you to live a life that shouts Jesus is enough.

     •   Acknowledge and embrace the truth that Jesus 
         WANTS to be your enough.

     •   Stay anchored in the truth-God's Word!

     •   Remember that there are all kinds of worldly 
         things that can cause you to be discontent. Don't 
         let them get in the way of being content with 

     •   Often we find joy and hope in worldly things or 
         become frustrated when our happiness is affected 
         by worldly circumstances. Remember that true joy 
         comes from Jesus. He is our source of hope in all 
         things and all circumstances. 

     •   Living life without God in the middle is like 
         drinking salt water. You drink and think you are 
         satisfied, but it just makes you want more. Jesus is 
         the true living water and is enough. He satisfies and 
         provides all that we need.

     •   Don't "need" what you want-things and 
         activities. Instead, want what you need-Jesus and 
         time with Him.

     •   Live day by day, trusting God to be enough. 
         Remember the shelf life of "manna" is one day 
         (Exodus 16:14-31). We must trust God moment by 
         moment, one day at a time.

I love the phrase "Jesus is enough for me"! So I ask you … do you believe this phrase? You would probably say that you do. When you list your life's priorities, I can imagine that you write "Love God" or "Follow Jesus" at the top of your list. My closing questions for you are: Have you organized your whole life around being devoted to Jesus? Is your relationship with Jesus the source of your well-being and identity? These are good questions to answer as you examine your life on the "Jesus is enough" scale.

I pray for you and for me that Jesus is enough. He wants to be your enough. I read Psalm 131 the night of the tornadoes, and I realized as I was writing this blog that it is a Psalm that will help me to be a "Jesus is enough" gal. I also love the Chris Tomlin song "Enough." Below is a link that plays the song and feeds you with some awesome scripture to reflect on as you spend time with Jesus.


Finally, if you are living a life of discontent, a life outside of God and away from Jesus, you can always come home. Remember that Jesus wants to be your enough. His arms are open and waiting for you to run into them. 

I am privileged to learn and grow alongside of you and excited to live lives together that shout Jesus is enough!




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