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It Has All Been Done


by Stephanie Olson, Set Me Free Ministries Co-founder

I have a confession to make. My faith has been wavering lately. I know I’m in good company and certainly not alone, but nonetheless, I don’t like it.

Set Me Free Ministries has been going through a lot of very exciting changes; changes that influence the “shape” of the ministry. God is doing some new things. It reminds me of the scripture in Isaiah 43:19, “Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth;
shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”

I love that scripture! And that’s what God has been doing. We have had a remarkably busy year ministering all over. Praise God! We are traveling a lot! In fact, we are traveling far more than we are ministering locally. God has provided many amazing opportunities that often just leave our mouths open in awe. So, you might ask? Why the trouble with faith?

Well, God has taken us on a journey over the last 6 years of trusting Him in everything we do. Step by step He leads us wherever we go. He has provided for this ministry in every area, never too much and never too little. He has provided just what we need at all times. And so, as we grow, our needs grow. That’s where my faith, or lack thereof, comes in.

As I was struggling with our schedule this summer and fall (almost all outside of Nebraska), and the means to get to where God has called us, I went out to run and pray. As I was running I heard the Lord, in my spirit, so clearly remind me to renew my faith in Him and remember who He is. I need to trust Him to provide, as He always has. He reminded me that He is bigger than we think He is and that, Hallelujah, it has all been done!

I realized that I had begun to look at “man” to get us what we need and not God. Now, of course, God uses man quite often, but I realized my focus wasn’t on the One that knows exactly what we need! He is for us!

I am so grateful that the Holy, Sovereign God always gives us exactly what we need exactly when we need it. I’m so grateful for the reminder that I don’t need to expend energy worrying about how we will get to Texas, or Iowa, or anywhere else He might send us. I know He has got it and it has all been done. Amen!

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