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“I Broke This A Little. We Better Get The Glue.” A Child’s Faith


by Mike Going, Jr.

My three-year-old son Isaac is an energetic, curious, dominant, personality.  He is hard charging no matter what it is he is trying to do.  He is our “early riser” child who wakes up regularly at 6:30 am or earlier. He get's into mischief all the time. The wheels of his brain are constantly in motion, he will be doing one thing, then get an idea for the next thing and off he goes.  

Isaac has an incredible amount of faith in his mother and father. Faith that they will be there for him no matter what happens. This is apparent in his active behavior and misbehavior.

The other night as I was working at my evening job, I got a text from my wife, Melissa. The text said that Isaac had cut through her brand new iPhone charger cable with a pair of fingernail clippers that our 8-year-old daughter had left within his reach. I responded to her text asking what Isaac said when she found out? Apparently, Isaac came to her saying, "I broke this a little. We better get the glue."  

I laughed when I got this response, then I really started to think about it. As I child he believes that no matter what he does, his mom and dad will be there to catch him if he falls or fix something that he may have broken. He just has to come to us with his problem and we will take care of it.

What a wonderful picture of faith. He has the faith to believe that his parents will be there no matter what, and so he is empowered to go after his dreams and goals. Without the confidence in something bigger than him, fear begins to creep into his mind.  We’ve seen this happen at times when he is safe but he doesn’t feel safe because we aren’t directly with him.

We can take a lesson from this in our walk with Christ. Isaiah 41:10 says, "Fear you not; for I am with you: be not dismayed; for I am your God: I will strengthen you; yes, I will help you; yes, I will uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness." (AKJV) 

If we understand this truth we can begin to have the faith of a small child again. We can have this same boldness when it comes to our time in worship and praise. Don't let fear come into your heart when you are praising God but have a boldness that can only come from knowing that the Lord will strengthen you and help you. Lay your burdens at His feet saying, I broke this a little. We better get the glue; knowing that He will help you out of what ever mess you have found yourself in. This is a wonderful truth that gives us all the reason in the world to praise our most gracious, heavenly Father. He is willing to hold us when we are afraid. He will guide us in a manner that gives us a confidence that can only be explained by the existence of a higher power.   

Have you run into something that you believe has brought you too far to come back? I can promise you this is not the case. God is ready and willing to forgive you if you will just turn to Him and except his free gift of love made possible through the sacrifice of His only Son, Jesus Christ, who was sinless and spotless lamb. You can find the freedom in knowing that your heavenly Father is there to help you on your path, and give you the boldness to move forward with NO FEAR!


Mike Going, Jr. is the Worship Arts Director/Pastor at Lincoln Christian Fellowship where he has been leading services every Sunday for the past few years. Mike has traveled with Set Me Free Ministries as a worship leader since 2012. He is available for conferences and worship training. Mike, and his wife, Melissa have 2 children and 1 dog, Adreanne who is in elementary school, Isaac who is in preschool, and a German Shorthaired Pointer named Gus.  To find out more about Mike check out his website at http://going2worship.com/.


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