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You are beautiful

This is one of the most beautiful poets I know. I want to share one of her recent works. Thank you, Tamika for blessing us with your talent!

by Tamika Hopkins-Sanders

Sometimes the words don't seem to form or come out right at all
And I have a hard time feeling God carry me whenever I may fall
But regardless of what people may claim to be true I know His Spirit's at work
Any time God's love has prevailed it has been over Satan's curse
People promise loyalty and love but people fall so short
It's a constant reminder whenever one fails that He loved me before
I've been places some never see in the short length of a life
I've had my fair share of trouble and dug my way out of strife
I know there is no bottom for me unless, of course, it's death
'Cause run by self will I live in despair and the bottom knows no depth
Substances have made their claim over me but somehow, sometimes, I'm able to break free from the spiral they create
I guess I just get sick and tired of the self loathing the ridiculous amount of hate
Most days I ponder why such suffering is allowed
Some days the answer's clear
We do so much talking and praying but
We don't typically wait to hear
I know my battle is stronger than some and that it really is misunderstood
But I also know in the core of my soul that the Lord is ALWAYS GOOD
So whenever my pain is written on my face and I can't seem to shake the feeling
Please remind me of the One who spoke my story into existence and I'll get back to kneeling

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