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For Such A Time As This

For Such A Time As This

by Bev Brown, Set Me Free Ministries Prayer Team Coordinator

My daughters enlisted my help for this week’s blog because they are both busy getting ready for our conference March 6: Renewed, Restored, Released. As I sat down at the computer to compose some thoughts, I was reminded that as I write this, Jews all over the world are celebrating Purim. Purim is the joy-filled holiday celebrating the salvation of the Jews through the leadership of Queen Esther. You can find the story of Purim in the Bible, in the book of Esther. It is so named for the heroine of this beautiful salvation narrative, Queen Esther. 

Esther is a beautiful, orphaned Jewess who, through a set of circumstances beyond her control, becomes the Queen of Persia. It is during her reign as Queen, that the lives of the Jewish people become threatened by the man who is the king’s second in command—Haman. Haman hates the Jews and plots to have them destroyed, but God has a plan. Queen Esther comes on the scene, and through a series of twists and turns, Haman is the one who is destroyed, and the Jewish people not only survive but are honored by the King and the Persian people. 

What strikes me about the story of Esther is her willingness to be used by God, even when she doesn’t know exactly what that will look like or what the outcome will be. In one of the beautiful passages of scripture, her uncle encourages her by saying, “Who knows, perhaps you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this” (Esther 4:14 HCSB).

As I look at Set Me Free Ministries, which my two daughters started just a few short years ago, I can’t help but ask the same question. I know they have often wondered what they have gotten themselves into. Running a ministry is a lot of work, and they are both wives and moms first. But that doesn’t lessen their passion for Set Me Free Ministries and their desire to see men and women released from the chains that bind them. So, Stephanie and Joy, in honor of the Purim celebration, I ask you, “Who knows, perhaps you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” I love you … Mom

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