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Back To School

Back To School

by Joy Martin, Set Me Free Ministries Co-founder 

I realize it's cliche, to say so, but it really does seems like just yesterday that I was blogging about the beginning of summer. And now we've officially completed the first week of school. That's right, kids all over have spent the past few weeks gearing up for a new school year. Some are returning to a familiar school filled with old friends, others are headed to a new school brimming with potential, and still others are headed down the hall to a homeschool classroom. But wherever the little ones in your life marched off to this year, they went with the same purpose–to learn. 

Each new school year I find myself reflecting on my own experience in that particular grade. Who were my friends? Do I remember my teacher? What did I learn? And I'm always excited to compare notes, so to speak, with Justice as the year goes on. I love to hear him talk about all of the things he is learning and see the wheels in his head turn as he explains new concepts to me. 

But as I send Justice off to the third grade this year, I have to remind myself that his learning goes way beyond the classroom. Although his teacher will explain concepts to him that I would flounder through and his little head will be filled with exciting new ideas, I have to be aware of the teaching that happens every day at home–whether I'm aware of it or not. In fact, I would go as far as to say that his most important learning happens at home. 

Home is where he'll learn about what a family should look like. It's here that he'll learn how to love and be loved. He'll learn how to be a strong man, a faithful husband, and a good daddy. He'll learn how to pray and how to trust God for his every need. At least, that's what I hope he learns. That's what I pray Zach and I teach him as we walk through life together. 

Proverbs 22:6 tells us, "Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it." So simple and so true. Children are impressionable. They are learning even when we're not trying to teach. If we can remember that and make a conscious effort to train our children up in the ways of God, then I believe we can change the world.

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