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All I Need Is Jesus?


by Stephanie Olson, Co-founder Set Me Free Ministries

As I write this I am sitting on a plane headed to Tampa, Florida with my daughter for an incredible adventure for her. She is spending three weeks for a Ballet Summer Intensive and I get the privilege of escorting her there. I don’t get to stay the entire three weeks, but I get time in Florida nonetheless.

At one point during our flight we went through a thunderstorm. As the ride began to get a bit bumpy she squeezed my hand tightly. I was reminded immediately of a story I had just heard the other day.

A woman was sitting on a plane knitting something with tremendous care. The flight quickly, without notice, began to become very unstable. The air pressure in the cabin changed rapidly enough that the oxygen masks dropped. As the others in the plane panicked and chaos ensued, she continued to calmly knit after positioning her mask.

One very nervous young man looked at her in awe and asked, “How is it possible that this plane seems to be going down and you are knitting, clearly not at all worried?” She looked at the young man kindly and said, “You see, I am a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ, and I’m on my way to visit my son in Indiana. I had another son who died suddenly last year. By the end of this day I am going to get to see my son. I don’t know which son yet, but by the end of this day, Praise God, I will get to see one of them.”

What amazing faith!

I had a very different, but similar experience not too long ago. My mom recently had open-heart surgery. Now, this is a woman who has always been the picture of health. We are remarkably close and I can’t imagine not having her available by phone at any given moment, or not having her as my constant cheerleader, or not having her around period. And yet, during her recovery from this invasive surgery there was a time in which we thought we might lose her. The reality was stark, however, something very strange happened to me. I had this overwhelming peace that whatever happened I knew that I knew that I knew that God had it in the palm of His hands.

Now, let me say right away, my mom is now doing great and she is getting back to the mover and shaker I have always known her to be. But when God gave me that peace that passes all understanding it wasn’t a peace that I knew she was going to be okay. I didn’t. It was a peace that I knew no matter what happened, God is a good and loving God and whatever He does is always good. I also knew that if she were to leave the earth she would be dancing in glory with her True Love, Jesus.

It’s not to say that I wouldn’t grieve, oh my goodness, no! But, I would grieve with Christ’s arms wrapped tightly around me. I would grieve knowing that I would see her again. I would grieve knowing that all I really need in this life is Jesus.

All I need is Jesus. I read something a while ago in which someone posed the question: Why do people say all they need is Jesus when clearly, that isn’t true. We need air, we need water, we need…”

Yes. We do need all of those things to survive on this earth. But when I say all I need is Jesus I am saying that my trust, my faith, my confidence, my security, my “being okay” doesn’t rest in my friends, my family, my money, my job, my ministry, and not even my children. My trust, faith, confidence, security, and my “being okay” rests solely in the fact that I am loved by an Everlasting God and my name is written in the book of Life. My security rests in the fact that I know that the Spirit of the Living God is living inside of me and I don’t have to fear. My security rests in the fact that God tells us He will never leave nor forsake us. (Deuteronomy 31:6)

Trust is a tough thing sometimes. No question. And whether we’re on a plane and those oxygen masks drop, or whether we have a loved one who did leave or might leave us, or whether we are fearful we are going to be left alone and abandoned we have to find the place in Christ where we can say, “Jesus, all I truly need is You.” How do you get there? Press into Him by reading His Word daily, talking to Him repeatedly, and simply asking Him for that kind of faith and trust. Ask Him for more of Him! Ask Him and eventually you will be able to say, “All I need is Jesus.”

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