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A New Year’s Resolution


Happy New Year! New Years is a time for new beginnings, resolutions, and promises to do things a bit different. Well, we at Set Me Free Ministries are no exception. We are making a change in the New Year as well. We have launched a brand-new organization, The Set Me Free Project!

When we first began Set Me Free Ministries, we had a deep desire to see women and men freed from spiritual bondage, and we still do; however, we also had a desire to see people freed from physical bondage. From the start, we wanted to support a ministry or an organization that worked to stop the horrors of human trafficking. We wanted to give our ministry finances to one of these great ministries. Ah, but God had other plans. He didn't just want us to give our finances; no, He wanted us to give our time. He called us to do some of the heavy lifting ourselves.

We got involved with several different ministries and organizations that were on the front lines fighting the war against human trafficking. We researched and learned more than we ever wanted to know. But we still didn't know what God would have us do in this area of battle. We were working with organizations that literally rescued people from traffickers. We knew we weren't called to do that. We were working with ministries that worked one-on-one with women rescued from trafficking. Even though we love one-on-one ministry, we knew we weren't called to do that. As we continued to pray, we believed God would reveal our calling in this area. And then He did. He called us to do exactly what He had already gifted us in as a ministry. He called us to teach.

The Set Me Free Project was born as an organization to educate.

The Set Me Free Project understands that when we bring awareness and education to the masses, traffickers lose their power. We are available to come to your schools, youth groups, and communities. As we provide information to students, youth, parents, leaders, and educators, we empower our children and young adults to value themselves and protect them from the evils of trafficking, dangers of social media, and cyber bullying.

We can come to your school for a school assembly or directly into your classrooms. We can provide education to teachers, administration, and leaders in the community.

With a curriculum specifically for youth and a separate curriculum for parents, we provide knowledge on the importance of social-media safety and the importance of human dignity and value. We equip youth and parents with the information to keep our kids safe and help them understand their unique value.

And, of course, in the similar vein as the Set Me Free Ministries' events, we put on youth events that discuss the importance of sexual purity, the importance of social-media safety, the dangers of human trafficking, and how to attain healing in sexual sin.

Traveling wherever God calls us, The Set Me Free Project brings a message of safety and human dignity and value. We provide messages to both the secular community (such as public schools and public community forums) and the Christian community (such as churches and youth groups).

Join us through the next few blogs as we do a series on human trafficking. We want to be a resource of information for you. Check us out at setmefreeproject.net.

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