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Monthly Archives: January 2012

What Are You Drinking?

What Are You Drinking? by Kristin Fuhs, Set Me Free Ministries Board of Directors One of my favorite things about living in Florida, besides the beautiful weather, is the ocean! I never grow tired of its beauty and power or the reassurance that it gives of our awesome Creator and loving God! It is so […]

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A Time To Pray

A Time To Pray by Joy Martin, Set Me Free Ministries Co-founder I believe in the power prayer with every fiber of my being. And because of that, I pray on a daily basis. In fact, I pray every day, multiple times a day. I pray because in all of His wisdom and grace, God […]

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The Humble Side Of Submission

The Humble Side of Submission by Stephanie Olson, Co-founder Set Me Free Ministries Last week we explored the idea of submitting to spiritual authority, which is never a fun subject. By the end of the blog, I had the gall to mention humility! Humility is an even less fun subject, if you ask me. Yet, […]

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Why Is It Hard To Submit?

Why Is It Hard To Submit? by Stephanie Olson, Co-Founder Set Me Free Ministries This summer I spent a week with my family enjoying a relaxing time on a vacation. We spent every day at the pool, having fun in the sun and fighting crowds of people in the wave pool. And each day I […]

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Free And Clear

Free And Clear by Stephanie Reinhart, Set Me Free Ministries Team Member Of all the things that God has created, one of my most favorite things is the wind. I grew up with a dad who loved sailing. He bought an old sailboat when I was eight or nine, and that boat was old then. […]

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